Vivicasa House Rentals
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Owners often see their property as an investment target. You would like to enjoy the return on your investment, but not be confronted with tenant issues. That is why ViviCasa offers you two different type of deals for managing your property.

Financial Management

The most popular form of outsourcing management is entering into a contract for Financial Management. This means that ViviCasa will take care of all the financial actions during the rental period. We will make sure the monthly rent is paid, all paperwork is in order and everything else involved in the administration of your apartment or house.

You will receive from us a quarterly statement of income and expenses.

Technical Management

Vivicasa is also capable to take care of the Technical Management. this includes the inspection and to take stock of the property. All maintenance issues and repair requests from the tenants will be directed to us and we will make sure it is taken care of.

Please contact us for an informal chat and a quote for your unique situation.